About Maureen J. Smith

How I Became Involved in Clearing

Maureen J. Smith, Master Hypnotherapist and practitioner of spirit releasement and past life therapy. Maureen serves the San Francisco Bay Area, CaliforniaMy first contact was during my training as a hypnotherapist when I was chosen as the subject for class demonstrations first for past life recall and and then for entity release. I incorporated what I learned from these first-hand experiences into the work I did with my clients, finding them to offer a level of problem-solving not available in the usual clinical hypnosis approach. I was discovering the powerful interplay of not only body and mind, but also spirit. I then turned to the work of William and Judith Baldwin to expand my skills. I have coupled their breakthrough work with my own spiritual development through 30 plus years of training with Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman in Awakening Your Light Body. What this has meant to my practice is a shift from an emphasis on clinical hypnotherapy to clearings. I am now an avid participant in healing that begins at the soul level and permeates all levels of human consciousness.

Professional Training and Affiliations

  • Registered as a Master Hypnotherapist in the State of California in 1999 through the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy
  • Trained in the Baldwin Method of Spirit Releasement
  • Certified in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression from The Newton Institute
  • Certified teacher of Awakening Your Light Body.
  • A member in good standing of The American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.


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