Clearings: Helping Lost Souls Find The Way Home

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What if you were told a discarnate entity is siphoning energy from you, or that an extraterrestrial has taken up residence in your energy field, or that the anger and despair isn't coming from you but from a dark being milking your emotions to feed its network, or that you are missing a piece of your heart. Would you believe it?

A surprising number of people have become hosts for unseen beings that burrow into their energy body. Embedded in levels of awareness that are too deep to notice, these intruders drain energy, create interference and confusion, disrupt lives. Many are lost souls; some are entities with harmful intent.

Maureen Smith, master hypnotherapist and gifted healer: shares fifteen years of experiences with lost souls and the humans they occupy; shines light on the hidden causes for what is not right in people's lives; offers an avenue to reclaim what has been lost, heal hearts and unburden spirits.

Come peel back the thin layer that separates what we know for sure and the wider world of spirit, and you may do more than enjoy the ride-you may encounter a new way to heal.