What is an entity?

At death, there is a separation from the body that is no longer able to sustain life. At that point, the newly deceased may be unaware that they have actually died because they don't “feel” dead. Their first clue may be that no one seems to see or hear them, and they can do things they couldn't while in the body. Such as walk through walls. The final step in their transition out of the life they have just completed is to, as it is often said, go into the light that they will see above them. If out of fear, or just not wanting to leave, or confusion about what to do next, they instead linger in that out of the body state, they may attach themselves to a living person. This not only creates a burden for the one they have attached to, it keeps them stuck, no longer able to act on their own and often frustrated and unhappy.

What is a soul fragment?

A soul fragment is a portion of our consciousness that has split and separated. This could be the result of a choice to give a piece of ourselves to someone in order to be close to them, either out of love or an attempt to control. It could be a reaction to a traumatic event, wanting to find a safe place to hide. Whatever the cause, having less than 100% of ourselves available leaves emotional gaps, and a real sense of something being missing. If we have pieces of others embedded, there may be a resulting feeling of being invaded, being weighted down, or even having a sense of something actually sticking to us.

How are these “levels” accessed in the clearing process?

You are guided through a discovery process that begins with an invitation to mentally scan the body. Your focus will automatically shift inwards, opening the doorway to an experience of the self at levels that extend beyond the physical.

How does a clearing session differ from a hypnotherapy session?

If you have had an experience with clinical hypnotherapy, the emphasis has most likely been on assisting you to make changes. Clearing work is focused not on changing patterns of behavior, but on removing the blocks that are in the way of how a whole, well-balanced human would choose to live if the interference, whatever its source, was removed. In other words, a clearing session differs from a clinical hypnotherapy session in that clearing removes the blocks to wholeness and clinical hypnotherapy aims at changing behavior.

Why can't I schedule just a past life regression therapy session, rather than a clearing session?

It may well be that the cause of the disruption is an unresolved past life.  It could also be a birth event, a childhood event, an attached earthbound spirit, or soul fragments from another person.  By accounting for all of these possibilities, a clearing session increases the likelihood of getting to the heart of the matter.

Will I be conscious during a clearing session?

You are fully aware during a clearing session, although your focus is more internal than external. The session is recorded and you are given the recording for your reference at the completion of the session.

Are entity attachments common?

Dr. Fiore writes in The Unquiet Dead, that 80% of the population experiences entity interference.

How much does a session cost?

My fee is $100 per hour. Sessions are usually two to three hours in length, depending on what is discovered at the beginning of the session. Payment can be made by check or PayPal. The session is recorded on a CD for your refrence.