Welcome to the Clearings website and the therapeutic services offered by Maureen J. Smith, Master Hypnotherapist.

I am pleased to announce the release of Clearings: Helping Lost Souls Find The Way Home available in print and e-book format. Purchase via this website at Amazon.com It is also available online at Barnes & Noble.com and Balboa Press.com.

  • If you're wondering if the clearing process could help you, click on the “When A Clearing Session Can Help” button.

  • Maureen is certified by The Newton Institute to offer Life Between Lives Therapy

  • For information on Raising the Conscious of Cancer Cells Therapy, click on Raising the Consciousness of Cancer Cells Therapy, and read Maureen's blog post of the same title.

  • In-person sessions are held in Kingston, New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley minutes from the New York Thruway. Telephone and Skype sessions are also available. At your request the session is recorded digitally and sent to you via WeTransfer.com.