What Happens in A Session

That part of us referred to as the sub-conscious is rich with information. There is memory. There are emotions. Decisions we have made about who we are and how we will be in the world. There are links to times, places outside of time. Connections to our soul, and to the souls of others.

All of this richness is available to us through our innate ability to shift our awareness from the active mind, the intellect, to the inner life of our sub-conscious.

And because we can observe ourselves at a deeper level, we can identify where there are unresolved issues, forms of interference, missing pieces.

This consciousness shift is often referred to as a trance, or hypnotic state. It is no more mysterious than what we do when we begin to relax and then drift into sleep. As a matter of fact, it is the same.

When done with some guidance, it is possible to remain at that level of deeper consciousness that allows for exploration. Not as deep as sleep. Still having an awareness of our surroundings, but with most of our focus on the inner experience.

It is this that forms the basis of a session.

We start with a short visualization to help set up a light trance state. Still very aware of the surroundings with the focus beginning to shift inwards. Then, it is suggested to use, I will say, the “inner eyes,” beginning with imagining there is a special ability to explore inside the body.

Anything noticed, any color, shape, sensation inside or outside the body then becomes a potential doorway to discovery.

We begin with the question, “If that (for example, tension in the neck or hole in the chest or a face hovering over the shoulder) could talk, what would it say?” It could be a feeling, or words, or a sound that first comes into the awareness.

I will ask it if it is a part of the client, or if it is something or someone else. Whether it belongs to them or not is often immediately recognized.

The exploration continues, with more questions to clarify its source. What is discovered can be a memory from earlier in this life, a memory from a past life. It can be an earthbound entity, a fragment of consciousness from another person, a lost part of the self, a dark force entity. The direction of the session takes its cue from this.

It often will take a moment for the mind to accept that this is not just something it has made up. As the questions continue and the answers become richer in content, some of the skepticism lessens. The mind, still very present, takes the role of observer. It is almost as if there are now two points of focus; An observer and a participant, with the observer part free to ask questions and have them answered without interrupting the flow of the experience.

Earlier Memories

Earlier memories, as a broad category, includes what has occurred in childhood, in the womb, and in earlier lives. All are accessible.

When an earlier memory is identified in a session, there is the possibility that it is showing up because there are issues from that time waiting to be resolved.

I have noticed that earlier memories from this lifetime can arise because they carry emotional content that reflects unresolved events in prior lives. Whatever the source, the events are brought to resolution.

Earthbound Entities

An earthbound entity is a soul that has been alive in a body, has died and is now floating near the earth. It can attach to a living person and will draw energy from them. I have encountered earthbound entities from many categories; Human, animal, members of the woodland/nature communities, plants, stones, extraterrestrials which have been assigned to occupy humans.

When an earthbound is found, it is assisted to complete its transition into the Light.

Soul Fragments

A soul fragment, a piece of a person's consciousness, can separate from the whole as the result of a traumatic event. In another instance, it can be a part of oneself that is deliberately planted in another. Another possibility is a shattering of the whole as a consequence of an intense experience that is ecstatically wonderful, but too much energy for the consciousness to hold.

Soul fragments separated as the result of a traumatic event are located and gently helped to rejoin the soul. Soul fragments that have been implanted are returned to their source. A shattered soul is assisted to gather up all of its pieces and restructure them to wholeness.

Dark Force Entities

A dark force entity is a soul that has never been alive in a body. It lives in the realm of the spirit, as do what we call angels. It lives under the illusion that the Light will destroy it and avoids it at all costs. It is under the control of other, more powerful dark force entities and is given assignments to collect the energies produced from negative emotions. The assignments involve attaching itself to a human or an organization and planting and encouraging negative thoughts and feelings to produce the energy it has been assigned to collect. Dark force entities also goad their victims to destructive acts. Some are assigned to interfere with people doing work that will advance their most feared enemy, the Light.

Re-claiming a dark force entity is the work of the angels, with assistance from the humans involved in the session.

Who Does The Heavy Lifting

Angels cleanse and heal at the conclusion of every session. They accompany earthbounds safely into the Light. They cleanse and return soul fragments to their rightful owners. They encapsulate dark force entities in light and give them their first experience of peace as they are restored to the Light.

Whatever is discovered in a session is as unpredictable and unique as each individual. It often happens that the sources of many issues are uncovered. The lightening of burdens and the healing that comes with every session amazes and inspires me. I have become witness to miracles that are, indeed, ours for the taking.